Air Duct Cleaning Cost: How Much Is It & What Does It Depend on?

July 30, 2022

Many of us neglect it, but air duct cleaning is an essential part of our house maintenance. Dust, pollens, and other contaminants can accumulate in your air ducts, posing health risks for you and your family. Moreover, unclean ducts combined with other factors can lead to mold growth. Therefore, regular air duct cleanings are not something to ignore. That being said, how much does air duct cleaning cost? We will discuss it below.

What Is The Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

A number of factors will determine the total cost of air duct cleaning. It can range from $269 to $486, with an average of $373. The cost might vary depending on how dirty the duct system is, the size, number of vents, etc.

When getting an air duct cleaning, you should make sure that no component is left dirty. From the blower to the heat exchanger to the coils, ensure that the cleaning service does not miss any parts.

What Factors Affect the Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

The air duct cleaning service will not cost you the same amount it costs someone you know. This is because multiple factors can affect the total amount for a professional air duct cleaning service. These include:

  1. The Size of the Ductwork
    One of the primary factors that the cost depends on is the size of your ductwork. Usually, professionals will charge you by the vent or square foot. However, the criteria for costs might vary according to the company or your location. It can cost around $25 to $50 per vent, so you might be able to guess the amount by counting each duct and multiplying it by 35. The vents connect the HVAC system to every room through ducts. Therefore, the HVAC system and ductwork size might cost between $300 to $700. This price is per HVAC system.
  2. The Type of Your Ductwork
    You might have flex ductwork or a foam board, contributing to the air duct cleaning cost. This is because each ductwork requires a specific type of cleaning. For instance, the cleaning service can clean foam board or fiberglass ductwork with air washing, power bursting, or contact vacuuming. Similarly, not every company might be able to clean flex ductwork as it requires special equipment. Hence, the type of ductwork affects the cleaning cost too.
  3. The Number of Vents
    It depends on how the air duct cleaning service chooses to charge you. They might charge by the number of vents in the system or by the square foot of your house. Some companies might charge you per vent along with a flat fee for air duct cleaning. Additionally, some companies charge for their trip to the location, which is your property.
  4. Level of Contamination
    Air ducts can collect dust, pollen, animal dander, mildew, and other contaminants. The more contaminated your air duct system is, the more you might have to pay. Thus, the level of contamination can make a difference in the air duct cleaning cost too.
  5. Accessibility & Labor
    Many houses have easy access to the duct system via basement or utility rooms. Nonetheless, it might cost you more if some areas are difficult to reach or crawl in. The location, effort, and time might affect the price too.

What to Do Now?

The air duct cleaning costs will depend on a variety of factors. Air Duct Cleaning Houston is now a tap away with Air Quality Experts TX. Dial (346) 803-2982 to contact us now.

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