What Is Mold Remediation and How Much Does It Cost?

November 15, 2022

Mold is a health hazard, a fungal growth that spreads like wildfire on decays or damp matters. Multiple species present themselves in different colors and are harmful to human beings. It has numerous hazardous effects on people exposed to it, including dizziness, allergies, respiratory tract infection, etc. Apart from health, it is very bad financial news, as mold can eat away the whole building, so removal is a must. If you are wondering about mold remediation cost, this blog has your answer.

What Is A Typical Mold Remediation Cost?

Usually, the cost that professionals take is around 1110 USD to 3400 USD for mold remediation. If we specifically talk about the area of Sugar Land TX, they charge in terms of per square foot, from 9 USD to 19 USD.

By this, you can project the total amount it would cost them to bring down a house with mold.

Factors Affecting Mold Remediation Cost

We stand by the amount mentioned above; however, there is more to it. The total amount of this entire process depends on various factors discussed below.

Location of the Mold

It is commonly thought that molds are only present where there is moisture, but that is only partially true. Mold needs 3 factors to multiply which are:

  1. Temperature level between 40 to 100 degrees
  2. Organic food materials like wood, leftover food, plant
  3. Moisture

The areas you are most likely to see mold are the attic, basement, air ducts, etc. Here is the average mold remediation cost for each area:

  1. Basement: 600 to 3100 USD
  2. Air ducts: 250 to 500 USD
  3. Attic: 1000 to 5000 USD
  4. Crawl space mold remediation cost is: 500 to 2000 USD
  5. Drywall: from USD 1000
  6. Bathroom: from 500 USD to 8000 USD.

Mold Type

Molds that eat the deeper layers of the object they grow on cost more than those that stay on the surface level. If the mold is black and identified as toxic, then removal will cost more.

Mold Size

The size of your issue will decide whether a DIY mold removal will suffice or a professional is needed. It is out of your control if mold growth has surpassed more than 10 square feet.

Labor involved

It would be best if you got in touch with a skilled professional to complete this job. And anyone that has experience will take the charges for it. The amount includes time taken for the job, number of people, and machinery involved.

Can The Price Go Down?

  1. You might not need to pay the added cost of flood damage repair.
  2. If surface-level mold removal is required.
  3. Minimal drywall replacement.
  4. No water mitigation is required.
  5. Access to the damaged area is easy.
  6. Less material disposal
  7. If you reside in a lower-cost city.

To Sum Up

We understand the urge to immediately go for DIY removal for a mold if the cost is denting your pocket. But take it from us; getting professional help will help you in the long run. Save your property, your hard-earned asset, from manifestation once and for all. Contact Air Quality Experts from Sugar Land, Texas, to get the service done at the most affordable prices.

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