6 Steps of Mold Remediation: How Long Does It Take?

August 30, 2022

Many homeowners face the old mold growth problem. Not only does mold taint the aesthetics of your house, but it poses health risks as well. This is why it is crucial to call a professional for an inspection when you notice or suspect mold growth in your abode. You’ll probably need to get mold remediation, but how long does it take? Carry on reading to find out.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold develops on damp surfaces or materials, and indoors it can be quite risky. To get rid of this problem, many professional companies offer mold remediation. It is a process that combats mold growth and ensures the safety of residents. In addition, it aims to find the source of mild growth and get rid of it so it doesn’t return in the future.

What Happens in a Mold Remediation Process

Even though many people experience mold growth in their homes, the experience might be different for everyone. Still, calling in a professional for mold remediation is essential instead of doing it yourself. Steps for the mold remediation process include:

1. Locate The Water Problem Source

Mold growth is a result of a water problem, as it appears on damp surfaces. Moisture and wet surfaces are the ideal spots for mold spores to thrive. Thus, dealing with the water problem source is essential to ensure mold doesn’t return.

2. Isolating the Affected Area

First, the mold remediation company will remove the water source. Then, they’ll isolate the affected area. A professional will seal the windows and seal any openings in the area; this way, the mold spores would not have a chance to spread throughout your house. Once the openings are sealed, the mold remediation experts might cover them with plastic sheeting to protect them. Moreover, they’ll spray the affected area, so the mold doesn’t spread through dust particles and contaminate the air.

3. Take Out Damaged Materials

Isolating the affected area isn’t enough; you’ll need to remove any damaged materials as well. The professionals will bag up and take out any surface containing mold to prevent it from spreading any further.

4. Cleaning The Area

The professionals will spray the area with biocide once the mold-affected surfaces have been removed. This will keep the mold from reproducing. Next, they’ll vacuum and scrub all the non-porous surfaces to eliminate spores.

There should be no visible mold present once this step is done.

5. Drying

The more the professionals can do, the better. To eliminate the threat of mold growth, all the materials will require time to dry. However, dehumidifiers and fans can help dry the materials quicker.

6. Replacing Damaged Materials

Lastly, you must replace any damaged materials. Whether it is the drywall or carpet, you’ll need to throw them out and get new ones, so the mold does not return.

Mold Remediation: How Long Does The Process Take?

The mold remediation process depends on the severity and scope of the problem. On average, it takes around 1-5 days to complete.

The Takeaway

The mold remediation process gets rid of mold spores and removes the water problem source; how long it takes is subject to the severity of the problem. If you suspect mold growth in your house, contact a professional company for inspection remediation. If you’re looking for the best professional mold removal Sugar Land has, dial (346) 803-2982 to reach out to Air Quality Experts TX experts now.

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