Does UV Light Kill Mold – What Is The Truth Behind This?

September 15, 2022

When you read the words UV rays, the first few things that come to mind are sun rays, the sustenance of ecosystem, along with their effect on the human skin. Ultraviolet rays, or UV for short, are more than that. UV light is also known as nature’s sanitizer; it kills organic matter if the contact is direct. This is the main reason UV light is also used to kill mold in the vents, HVAC system, etc.

Does UV Light Actually Kill Mold?

Yes, it does if used correctly. UV light has the power to kill and entirely get rid of mold, mildew, or other pathogens in areas like ducts.

You can place ultraviolet light anywhere in the house or other facility. While UV light has many uses, it is beneficial for industries to kill mold.

It is primarily used as a microbial decontaminator that helps in air purification, treating water to make it drinkable or other medical purposes.

The effect depends on usage. In frequencies of short wavelengths, UV light acts as a germicidal and works to kill and eliminate mold, fungus, or any other germ.

If you want to switch to an alternate, other manual cleaning methods are available to get rid of mold. However, such resorts are usually increasingly time-taking and ineffective.

An HVAC system is difficult to monitor, but if you fix an ultraviolet lamp in it, the entire system will be free from mold.

However, the overall effect depends on the exposure to UV lights to kill the mold depends. Additionally, eliminating power also depends on the intensity of the light you are using.

UV lights with high intensity are usually more effective at killing mold than less intensive ones.

How Does UV Light Kill Mold?

UV light effectively gets rid of mold due to the power of its electromagnetic radiation. This radiation serves as a disinfectant, penetrating through organic matter to kill them.

The UV light source is fixed in a lamp structure that sends out short wavelengths. These short-beam radiations will destroy most of the mold. All the while also making sure that the remaining cells become useless in terms of multiplying until they die.

Mold spreads like wildfire, and using ultraviolet light is undoubtedly very effective at keeping them from going places and killing at the same time.

If you want to go for manual methods to get rid of mold, that is quite ineffective. The reason behind it is that even if one area, like even a dot of mold, is missed, it will replicate itself at the same rate as before disinfection of the area. Make sure to spread the light (UV) all over evenly to get rid of mold in a short span.

Final Words

When the UV – ultraviolet rays come across mold cells, they destroy nucleic acids that are present as a vital part of the mold; that is why this method is effective. Still, if you have more questions, Air Quality Experts are here to answer them. Connect with us by dialing (346) 803-2982.

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